The Forgiveness of Debt

In many cases, debts can be forgiven entirely or in part by the loaning party because of either special qualifications or hardships.


Example: Student Loans

Student loans can qualify for loan forgiveness by:

  • Volunteer work
  • Military service
  • Teaching in lower-income communities
  • Practing medicine in lower-income communities
  • Other criteria specified by a forgiveness program

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Unsecured Loan Forgiveness

Many unsecured loans can be settled for substantially less than the total value of the loan (sometimes as much as 60% off). To qualify, there must have been a ligitimate hardship which may or may not have cause the debt.

The types of unsecured debts that qualify:

  • Credit card
  • Credit union
  • Hospital bills
  • Personal loan
  • Attorney fees
  • Past due utilities
  • Repossession balances
  • Vendors for the self employed
  • Balances from pervious rentals or broken lease agreements

The hardships that qualify:

  • Death
  • Illness
  • Divorce
  • Loss of job
  • Medical bills
  • Military duty
  • Incarceration
  • Job relocation
  • Failed business
  • Reduced income
  • Marital separation
  • Death of spouse or co-borrower
  • Adjustable rate mortgage reset-payment
  • Damage to property (natural or unnatural disaster)
  • Other

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